Z25 series

The SYZ series diesel engine is a new product independently developed by Shangyan Power. It integrated advanced technologies from China and abroad and represents a series of technological innovations. It includes four-valve, low-vortex air passages, oil and gas balance, efficient cooling, low weight, and highly integrated compact design. They can be electronically controlled, upgrade to include and other technologies such as CPUs. This series is designed to take into account high-intensity usage; it can reach a maximum burst pressure of 18MPa. With the same displacement, the model has achieved a 15% increase in power over other products, with 18% smaller volume and 16% lighter weight. It provides uses with a new generation of high-quality engine products that are reliable, fuel-efficient, Lowe-cost, and meet emission requirements.

Including four valves, the air intake is increased, meeting emission requirements, and increasing power. Low vortex air passage": both inlets use a relatively small eddy current ratio to reduce intake eddy current losses, and increase the intake charge factor.

Oil and gas balance: the balance chamber is designed to reduce pumping loose and reduce fuel consumption. Efficient cooling: the tangential inlet waterway design  reduces cooling area of the water jacket in the cylinder liner, and increase the flow rate of the cooling water, thereby reducing the cooling power consumption.

Lightweight: high-strength materials are sued to maximize power while still ensuring engine reliability. Highly integrated compact design" the internal pipe structure design reduces the profile of the product .resulting in a more compact and modern appearance, in addition to reducing possibility of leakage.



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