Marine Diesel Engine

Our marine diesel engine is specially designed to solve the power demands of large fishing vessels.

Provide the driving force for the main marine generator sets
The marine diesel engine can be connected with propellers to provide direct power for the whole vessel, which includes the control of the speed and movement of the vessel and the torque during a dragnet operation. Shangyan Power provides six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder super marine diesel engines, with the maximum 449 HP adequate power to ensure the reliable power support.

Provide daily electric power support for the marine auxiliary generator sets
The auxiliary engine in the fishing ship is used for supplying the daily electricity power. For choosing the diesel auxiliary engine, the customers need to consider the number of the lights and the power consumption to decide the diesel engine with how much power.

Our advantages

We have a CCIC fishing certificate, which means that the accessories supplier qualification and the design and construction of the diesel engine all strictly meet marine standards.
Due to the fact that maintenance of diesel engine on board is harder, the marine diesel engine needs to have a minimal failure rate, which is easy to maintain. In that case, our equipment will adopt the components from the same suppliers as far as possible to reduce the number of the suppliers and increase the component types provided by each supplier, thus improving the initiatives in maintenance of each supplier.
Due to the fact that the diesel engine is always used on the ocean, the marine diesel engine will inevitably experience salt fog corrosion, thus we have high requirements for the selection of components, and the surface galvanized treatment service of which is provided to prolong the life span.

Shangyan Power, is a leading diesel engine manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering marine diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of marine diesel engines as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making marine diesel engines, we make effort to provide quality internal combustion engine and diesel power solutions for customers.



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