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WLV1100 Standy Power 1100KW 12-Cylinder Diesel Engine

These engines include non-road diesel engines, marine diesel engines, alternators and generator sets, which, as part of the main generator or standby power supply, are often used in communication, railway, oil, airports, hospitals, field exploration and other applications.

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WLV series engine is the product designed for generating sets .With the bore of 135-138 mm and stroke of 150-168mm.The engine features strong power ,quick response, good fuel economy and high reliability. The engine is simple to apply and easy to maintain due to the use of close loop of water circulation and intercooler Customers will be free from the troubles of spare supply and maintenance service thanks to 600,000 units of the engine in use and a good service network developed by WL. With the power of 450-1200KW and speed of 1500/1800 r/min, the engine is an idea power for generating sets.


Model WLV1100
Bore (mm) 138
Stroke (mm) 168
Type V type, 12-cylinders, direct, injection, 4-stroke, water cooled
Aspiration Turbocharged with Intercooler
Compression Ratio 15.1
Displacement (L) 30.2
1h Power (kW) 1100
BSFC@ Rated Condition (g/kW.h) 195
Oil Consumption(g/kW.h) ≤2
Speed Regulating Rate(%) 0-5
Type of Governor Electronic Governor
Idle Speed (r/min) 500/600
Rated Speed (r/min) 1500/1800
Noise(dB) ≤119
Smoke (FSN) ≤2.5
Net Weight (kg) 2100
Interface SAE 0#/18"

Engine package weights and dimensions 

Length 1930mm
Width 1686mm
Height 1872mm
Weight(Dry) 2100kg


Shanghai Woling Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer specializing in diesel engine research and development, design, and production of non-road diesel engines, gas engines and their complete sets of products. Now it has three platform products of WL135 series, WL 138 series and WLG series, the power covers 58.8kW-1200kW. In particular, the WL138 series diesel engine for generator sets has been improved and designed on the basis of the original 12V138 diesel engine, and has achieved significant improvements in appearance, quality, reliability, economy, emissions, vibration and noise, etc. Products are now widely used in professional fields such as fire fighting, drilling, power stations, and real estate. Over the years, we have always adhered to the professional development concept and continuous innovation mode of thinking, according to the corporate principles of high standards, strict quality, and development. Woling Power respects contracts, keeps promises, and emphasizes integrity. In production, it combines current process technology and strict testing methods to strive for excellence and has won many repeat customers and won the trust and support of all walks of life.

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