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SY15G420.1Ca2 380HP Marine Diesel Engine

These engines include non-road diesel engines, marine diesel engines, alternators and generator sets, which, as part of the main generator or standby power supply, are often used in communication, railway, oil, airports, hospitals, field exploration and other applications.


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The G series marine engine of 135mm in bore diameter is developed to meet demand of energy savings. Its minimum BSFC is 197g/kW.h, which brings customers benefit under the situation of ever-increasing fuel price. The engine features goods operation performance, good fuel economy and high reliability. It is equipped with water-cooled exhaust manifold, remote data indicating instruments and sound/light flaming system. The engine is compact, simple to operate and easy to install, maintain as well as repair. It shares a large number of components with series engines.


Model SY15G420.1Ca2
Type 4-stroke, on line, direct injection, Turbocharged, Intercooler
Number of cylinders 6
Bore, mm 135
Stroke, mm 165
Displacement, L 14.2
Compression ratio 15.55
Continuous Power (kW(Ps)/r/min) 280(380)/1800
Overload Power (kW(Ps)/r/min) 308(420)/1854
Min. BSFC (g/kW.h) 200
Oil Capacity (L) 32.5
Net weight, kg 1350
Length, mm 1680
Width, mm 884
Height, mm 1550

Shangyan Power Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in non-road power systems such as diesel engines and generators.

The predecessor was Shanghai Dongfeng Diesel Engine Institute, which started in 1993. There are 2 R&D (Shanghai) and 1 manufacturing (Nantong) bases, with an annual output of over 10,000+ million engines and generators.

Products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and are widely used in power generation equipment, ships and marines, industrial water pumps, fire fighting, drilling and other special machinery industries.

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