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Shanghai Research Power Small Classroom丨Summary of three common faults of diesel engines

In the scorching summer, electricity consumption peaks. Today's small class of Shanghai Research Institute will show you the common diesel engine failures, so as to help you know what you need, and don't panic when you encounter problems.

The first is the difficulty of starting the diesel engine, which is relatively common. The reasons are also more complicated, which can be divided into electric start system failure, fuel system failure, as well as the reasons for intake and exhaust, ambient temperature, diesel viscosity, etc. We can eliminate some simple faults first to save time. For complex reasons, Shanghai Research Power recommends that you seek professional maintenance personnel.

In addition to the difficulty of starting the diesel engine, the failure of the diesel engine to stop is another common failure point. The main reasons for this failure are that the fuel volume adjustment gear rod is stuck, the plunger of the fuel injection pump is stuck or bitten, and the oil outlet valve spring is broken. rotate at a certain speed. Another reason is that the throttle cable is stuck, does not return, cannot stop the fuel supply, or the oil-cut solenoid valve is faulty or the control circuit is faulty, etc., so the engine cannot be turned off, etc.

The third common fault is the unstable speed of the diesel engine. The unstable speed of the diesel engine mainly refers to the unstable speed of the diesel engine when it is working. Some people may not understand the description of Shanghai Research Power. When it comes to its common name: diesel engine tour bus, everyone will suddenly realize. The main reasons for the unstable speed of diesel oil are that the fuel pipeline enters the air, resulting in intermittent fuel supply; the use of the fuel injection system for a long time and the occasional aging of the fuel injection pump plunger make the fuel supply of each cylinder unbalanced. This type of failure is common, especially when idling. The failure of the control circuit of electronically controlled and electronically injected diesel engines can also cause such phenomena.

The above three points are the common diesel engine failures. Shanghai Research Power welcomes you to discuss and supplement, and together we will strengthen China's diesel engine technology!



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