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The end of the fishing moratorium in Jiangsu, the Shanghai Research Institute power boats go to sea with the fishing boats

Recently, it was learned that the 3-month fishing moratorium in the Yellow Sea and the East my country Sea ended, and the marine products of Shanghai Research Power will accompany all kinds of fishing boats to go out to sea. It is reported that the fishing moratorium area in Jiangsu Province is the Yellow Sea from 35° to 26°30′ north latitude and the East China Sea. In order to ensure the abundance of marine fish and avoid overfishing, Jiangsu Province will provide single-vessel beam trawling (beam trawling), cage pots, and gillnets.

Implement the fishing moratorium policy with the lights around (applying) fishing boats and other fishing boats.

Shanghai Research Power Marine diesel engine and generator products have obtained the fishing inspection certificate and ccs certification, which can be applied to the marine main and auxiliary engine market to provide power for light fishing boats, transport ships, etc. In actual use, the marine engines of Shangyan Power have performed well in terms of durability and fuel economy, and have a good reputation among dealers and shipowners.

Whether the marine diesel engine is good or not, Shangyan Power reminds everyone to pay attention to the following judgment factors. The first is whether there is a fishing inspection certificate, and all marine diesel engine products need to be "certified for employment", which also reflects the quality of the product from the side. Secondly, compared with ordinary standby diesel engines, marine products have strong requirements for power and reliability. Fishing boats travel in the vast sea, and they must be reliable in order to help fishermen return with a full load. Once they fail, they will suffer economic losses. For trawlers, etc., the power of the engine is also very important, and it can be unfavorable when catching fish.

In addition to the power and reliability mentioned above, fuel efficiency is also a very important indicator of marine diesel engines. The Z25 marine diesel engine of Shangyan Power has a small design and is suitable for compact cabins, and it is also fuel efficient, which can bring visible benefits to fishermen.

After the fishing moratorium ended in the season, Shanghai Research Power Boats followed the fishing boats to the sea, returning with the expectations of the fishermen. Compared with the old imported products, today's Chinese brands also bring trust to everyone!



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