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Shanghai Research Power Small Class 丨 Diesel Engine Start Difficulty Cause Exclusion (Part 2)

In the last article on the power class of the research - the elimination of the reasons for the difficulty in starting the diesel engine, we mainly analyzed the reasons for the failure of the electric start system and the reasons for the failure of the fuel system. Besides these reasons, what other reasons are there? Today we will Keep exploring!

Shangyan Power reminds you not to forget to rule out the reasons for insufficient air intake and poor exhaust. 1. Long-term neglect of the cleaning of the air filter will cause the air intake to be blocked and the air intake will be blocked. At this time, the air filter element should be cleaned or replaced regularly. 2. The exhaust pipeline is too thin and too long. After long-term operation, the muffler will form a carbon blockage, which will cause the exhaust to be blocked. It needs to be removed and cleaned in time.

In addition to this, compression pressure can also cause failures. For example, the piston ring or cylinder liner is excessively worn, resulting in insufficient compression pressure. The piston ring needs to be replaced, and the cylinder liner should be replaced according to the wear condition. Another example is the serious air leakage of the valve. At this time, check the sealing of the valve clearance, valve guide and valve seat, and replace the corresponding parts in time.

Finally, Shanghai Research Power will mention other influencing factors. 1. Affected by the low ambient temperature, the air temperature in the body and the cylinder is low, which increases the frictional resistance and loses thermal efficiency during startup. It is recommended to try ignition or take low-temperature auxiliary measures, such as adding water heating or diesel glow plugs. 2. The viscosity of diesel oil is too large, the fluidity is reduced, and the lubricating oil is too thick, especially in winter, it will affect the starting performance. 3. The external exhaust pipe is poured backward, so that the water enters the cylinder, and the water in the diesel oil freezes. This kind of situation will cause it to fail to start. In practice, it needs to be identified and dealt with.

Diesel engine is a complex and sophisticated machine. There is no machine that will never be broken, only relatively durable diesel engines. When you encounter related failures, you can simply check them yourself to save time. For complex ones, you need to contact the manufacturer for professional treatment. .



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