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Get New Certification

Get New Certification

Recently, after rigorous evaluation and review, Shangyan Power won the certification of "Qualified Unit for Enterprise R&D Management System Implementation in Jiangsu Province"!


"Enterprise R&D Management System Requirements" (DB32/T2771-2015) was developed by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, which is the Chinese first local standard for R&D management.


Shangyan Power won this honor, which marks that Shangyan Power has been highly recognized for its R&D management and innovation capabilities.


Winning the certification of "Jiangsu Province Enterprise R&D Management System Qualified Unit for Implementation" is not only a great affirmation of the company's development, but also a full recognition of Shangyan Power's R&D management work.


The R&D management system is crucial to the growth and survival of an enterprise and is closely linked to the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


Relying on its technical strength and innovation capabilities, Shangyan Power has built an R&D management model that adapts to changes in market demand, making R&D work efficient and orderly, and providing reliable support for products to successfully enter the market.


In the future development path, Shangyan Power will continue to adhere to the concept of "providing cost-effective power products to global customers", continuously improve its research and development level, continue to meet the diverse needs of the market, and contribute more to technological innovation and industrial development. !



As a private enterprise, Shangyan Power will continue to work hard to contribute to the improvement of China's manufacturing industry!


Shangyan Power firmly believes that technology must be firmly in its own hands to avoid being stuck. China's manufacturing industry will surely create a more brilliant future!



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